Information Technology Risk Assessment and General Controls (ITGC) Reviews

In today’s world, there is an ever increasing reliance on Information Technology (“IT”) systems that support key business functions and major operations across industries. As a result, the complexity of such IT systems, comprising critical IT infrastructure, key business applications including ERPs, data and information sharing networks etc. has also increased significantly.

Boards, Senior Management and key business stakeholders rely on data and information generated by IT systems for business decisions. But how does one ensure that data and information generated by IT systems are complete, accurate, confidential & secure, integrated, available when required; and is in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements ?

Our ITGC services help organizations establish and implement internal controls that assure secure, stable and reliable performance of IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, applications, and IT personnel.

How we can help?

  • Assisting with enterprise wide proactive risk assessment;
  • Development of ERM Framework and related policies;
  • Development of function / department wise risk registers with prioritized risks, risk drivers, identified KRIs, risk mitigation plans;
  • Workshops on ERM;
  • Assist with implementation and monitoring of ERM Framework
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Avijit Gupta

Audit & Assurance Consulting Expert

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