Practical Consulting – VSC Approrach for Problem Solving

“We are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase our income, power, influence and success. The problem is, we just don’t see them.” – Jay Abraham

Are you thinking of engaging a consulting company?

Consider following before proceeding:

  • What value do you want from your consulting partners? Are you actually getting it in past?
  • Does the solution and delivery go smoothly in past?
  • Do the consulting company suggest on symptoms or targets the root-cause?
  • Have you faced difficulty in joining the pieces from what consulting company suggested and how implementation company approached?
  • Have you found yourself caught in the middle without direction between theory & practice?
  • Does the Consulting company provide capabilities to implement their solutions in practical ways?
  • Do you get the knowledge transfer for sustenance of initiatives?


Welcome to VSC – the PRACTICAL CONSULTING COMPANY which has the capabilities, infrastructure, resources, network and commitment to take care of your strategic and business consultancy requirements by providing Implementable solutions by thorough study of root cause &/or business processes and taking it further to Implement it in real-time with adequate Knowledge Transfer.

Our Approach of Practical Consulting facilitates our client in achieving desired goals with Flexibility, Reliability and Value for money.

VSC provides agile resources – unbundled services, allowing flexibility to companies for customized and specific expertise needed to achieve objectives with variable or specific solutions.

Our Services range from end-to-end solutions from both consulting & implementation perspectives. We have time tested experts with proven capabilities to implement solutions in realiable manner.Our focus is on proposing solutions and their implementation in efficient and effective manner.

Our Services are available in the bundle of end-to-end solutions wherein consulting and implementation can be provided as one complete service. OR, the Services can be provided in unbundled way for specific area with consulting &/or implementation. Whatever may be the scope, our aim to provide feasible solutions and creating value for our clients remain constant.

Our clients are our partners. By truly partnering, we can establish foundation for great vision & its viable transformation. Working together, or what we term as “Coaction”, will help in designing dynamic solutions so that effective outcomes can be achieved, that will help you to achieve Value for  your company; quickly and efficiently.

Our strength lies in engaging experienced subject matter experts to advise, help plan and, most importantly, execute a specific  project in a way that complements an organization’s existing resources and business plans.

Our Aim is to produce the most-informed, leading-edge and contemporary solutions with quality outcomes, delivered in an extremely practical form, such that our partners can promptly benefit strategically & financially with our own network of professional partners across India, each bringing their own expertise, skills and knowledge.

We believe in creating long term partnership with our clients through value creation.