We offer strategic advice and practical support to the Government, at various levels, so they can deliver reform that raises standards and transforms lives of the public at large.

We provide thought-leadership across our specialist sectors.

Our strength lies in our experience and expertise from research and innovation. Through our panel of experts from politics and other related academic fields, we are able to offer unique insight, as well as peer-to-peer practical support to the governments keen to implement reforming change.

We support reforming leaders on strategy and delivery

Our mission is to support the public at large through the Government, and hence supporting the Governments to make their vision of development, a reality.

So, shaped by the national priorities, our team draw up practicable policies and develop context specific tools to deliver the reforms. This reforms includes job creation, economic upliftment, and practicability of the various government schemes which are on papers but the benefit of the same is not been able to deliver to the rightful person. It includes the modernisation of infrastructure and public service reform, as well as building connectivity with other states and markets. And it means encouraging government innovation, making the institution itself more effective while promoting inclusivity and openness.

There are many things around the world taken for granted, but which, without guidance and government intervention, will remain out of reach for too many. By providing support to the governments, our experts can help them build open, inclusive and prosperous societies, and ensure sustainable development that continues to improve conditions for decades to come. By this, we try to leverage our myriad of experiences to solve important problems faced by the society.

We go through the various schemes framed by the government, both at central level or at the State level, and reframe those in such ways that it can be easily understandable by the public at large, and tries to get those implemented at the root level. This seconds our concept of ‘Practical Consulting’.

How we can help?

Regulatory advisory
Offset related assistance
Market entry and growth strategies
Bid support
Implementation assistance,
Joint venture partner search
Transaction support
Technical evaluation, financial/ technical support

Our People


Vinod Kumar Singhal

Consulting Expert

Vinod Kumar Singhal is the founder of VSC Consulting. He is a Chartered Accountant & a professional with entrepreneurial mindset, he has rich experience in numerous fields such as Taxation Laws, Company Law, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Insurance & Risk Management, Agriculture etc. He has been a catalyst in expanding the portfolio of the firm in various lines of services.

His core competency lies in synergizing with various experts & professionals in various industries and also providing evolving knowledge platform

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