“To be the leader in the Country for providing project management consultancy service in the field of Agriculture & Food Processing Industry and MSME sector, by spreading awareness among the people and helping them and Government in order to deliver the ultimate benefit of Government Program and Scheme to end-users with our consultancy services.”

About Industry & Commerce

Subsidy & Grants

  • From experience we have found entrepreneurs, industrialists, consultants, agriculturists and others concerned with the promotion of industry are not aware of most of the Government Subsidy schemes and grants, hence, benefits of government subsidy schemes are limited to few people. In order to ensure that subsidy schemes reach the targeted beneficiaries it is necessary to have a fair and transparent business procedure and bring the procedure in public domain.
  • We at VSC provides consultancy to all types of Industries in connection to Incentives/Subsidies available under various Incentive Schemes of Central & various State Governments.
  • For getting subsidies and grant-in aid from Govt. departments, we take up these assignments from preparation of application up to disbursement of the subsidies / grant in aid.
  • Besides the Grants & Subsidies various organizations/Govt. departments offers Venture capital/interest free loans for new business. We assist such units to avail of these benefits.


With our in-depth and wide-ranging knowledge of the Indian market, we provide companies with strategic consulting and business advisory services required to help grow their business in India as well as PAN World.

Most consultancy services are undertaken as project-based work, and each is undertaken within the parameters of the prevalent market environment.

Our reviews include systems and operational procedures for a whole business or one specific section, often focusing on which functions and processes can best be outsourced. We analyze the value of services and the tailoring of systems to meet client needs. We can also develop new systems from the ground up if required.

Services includes:

  • Business process system design & implementation management
  • Various Registrations & Licenses
  • Outsourcing of functions that are not key competencies
  • Feasibility Study & cost benefit analysis
  • Getting all Government related incentives/subsidies
  • Business Assurance
  • Industry Research & Trend analysis

Our People

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