Antique Buildtech Private limited is formed to provide the consultancy services in engineering sector, financial solutions, supervision consultancy, PMC, safety audits etc. The company with higher set of values contains extensive team of dedicated infrastructure engineers which makes it responsive, versatile and responsible. With strong links with research organizations and sound knowledge & understanding of emerging technologies company has a strong commitment for its services.


Feasibility Studies

Market Analysis Resource Planning Implementation (Schedule)

Detailed Engineering Reports

Planning, designing and detailed engineering for highways, bridges, water supply, sewerage etc.

Supervision Consultancy

Providing end-to-end supervision services for various infrastructure projects.

Third party Audit

Conducting independent technical & quality assessment and audit for various infrastructure projects.

Project Management Consultancy Services

Project Management Consultancy(PMC) services for various civil / infrastructure development works including but not limited to:

Pre-Tender Engineering Services

Concept, final designs & drawings for Tendering Purposes, cost-estimates and verification of tender document to achieve better tendering.

Valuation and Lender Representative

Conduct appraisals related on behalf of lenders considering the issuance of an asset base and real estate loan


Our company offers the benefits of their engineering expertise and technical excellence to all stages of project development from conception through pre-feasibility study to detailed designs. We deal in various sectors and provide following services

Highways And Roads

Bridges & Steel Structures

Urban Transportation

Environment & Social Engineering

Urban and Municipal Engineering

Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste water, Solid waste

Urban Governance, Municipal Finance and Capacity Building

Coastal Engineering and Climate Adaptation

Education, Research and Skill Development

Planning, Architecture and Engineering

Valuation Under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

Valuation of Real Estate, Industrial Assets, Plant & Machinery


Jaipal Singh Singhal
Dr. Sudhir Sharma
B S Kachhawa
Dr. Rakhi Gupta